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Warehouse Pest Control Bangalore



Warehouses and other large storage or shipping facilities can have unique pest problems. In situations where large doors are constantly opening or remaining open for periods of time, it is very easy for pest birds and other animals to enter. Pest birds & other unwanted pest animals can cause serious problems for warehouse managers: Pest animals carry over 60 transmissible diseases, causing safety concerns and liabilities Damaging and compromising the quality of products stored on the premises Leaving corrosive droppings that create slip-and-fall liability and compromise workplace safety

Pallet Heat Treatment:

To meet IPPC standards, a pallet cannot be made of raw wood that has not been treated. These pallets must be treated by one of the two following methods, and the treatment will be under the supervision of an agency approved to do this. Without this stamp, the pallet may be safe, but we would rather use pallets whose source can be traced.

Heat Treatment [HT] : The wood has to heated for at least 30 minutes to a minimum core temperature of at least 132.8 째F /56째 C. A Pallet treated this way will be stamped with [HT], and it should appear near the stamp of the IPPC logo
Chemical Fumigation [MB] : The wood was fumigated with a chemical called methyl bromide. A pallet treated with this should be stamped with the letters [MB] and it should appear near the IPPC logo. Altough the use of methyl bromide was banned in March 2010 as an acceptable treatment under IPPC, you may still find a pallet that was treated using this method.

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