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Insect Pest Control Bangalore / Insect Removal Bangalore



GingerBay Pest Control can offer various treatments in control and eradication of insect activity, however the success of the treatment much depends on the correct preparation and method being applied. It is recommended that these decisions are taken by someone qualified, failure to do so could make treatments ineffective and sometimes dangerous.

Insecticide Sprays

GingerBay Pest Control uses a range of insecticide sprays for clients & customers sites. These are a good method of control for rapid control in heavily infested areas. The use of all these insecticides are ideal for space, blanket and crack & crevice treatments for a number of insects.

Insecticide Powders

GingerBay Pest Control use a range of insecticide powders within our serviced sites. These insecticide powders are useful for applying into voids, cracks, crevices and areas where sprays would not be suitable, for example in electrical cupboards, around motors and electric components

Insecticide Gels

GingerBay Pest Control in Bangalore uses insecticide gels and provide great results when applied to large numbers of cracks & crevices and areas where ants or cockroaches infestation.

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